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Healthyism Healthy I, Healthy World!

2 January 2012

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This book introduces HealthyIsm, HealthyIsm is simply a focused practice of calmly and kindly welcoming in the best possible levels of attainment in all areas of life. The emphasized 'I' in HealthyIsm symbolizes that a person must take care of oneself first before helping others or saving the world. The intent of this book is to encourage people to stop making a mess in their lives and the world. They can use the techniques offered in this book that pushes them to end their destructive thinking and actions and instead welcome a constructive life. is intended to be a starting point for those who are ready and willing to take control of or improve their lives. This book assists you as you participate in surfing the wave of human awakening, seizing your thoughts, and embracing a life of HealthyIsm!